●       Please let us know if you have any medical health condition on the booking form and verbally before class.

Health & Safety 

  • Participants agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the class, instructions and health and safety information given by the instructor 

  • Participation shall be undertaken at the participants own risk and the instructor shall not be liable to the participant for any claims of injury, damage or causes of action to person or property arising out of or connected with participation in the classes 

  • Participants understand that all of the steps and movements are designed so they are simple to follow and carry out; but that you are still able to work at your own pace and takes regular breaks where needed. So please stop If you feel dizzy, unwell or too hot 

  • I confirm that I am responsible for the health & safety of myself  during the class and whilst on the premises 

  • Please notify your instructor of any injuries or health issues that may affect you during class when you arrive

  • By completing this form I confirm have been given the all clear to take part in this activity by my GP/Midwife*/Health Visitor* 

* If practicing postnatally I have had my 6-8week check before attending class or am at least 10-12 weeks post c-section. When practising post-natally please give your body chance to recover, go slowly, and take plenty of rests.