Why practice baby yoga?

Babies are beautiful – there’s absolutely no doubt about it. But when you’re exhausted after yet another night of interrupted sleep, dealing with the third full outfit change of the day and listening to the MIL/friend/random shop assistant give you their own nonsensical child-rearing gems, it can be hard to feel #blessed.

Baby yoga is not a magic pill to help you enjoy a warm and fuzzy mat leave. But sometimes just getting out of the house and to a group with other parents in the same boat as you can  be a wonderful thing.

Parent and baby yoga helps you to grow in confidence as a parent. You get time out to focus in your baby, learn about their blossoming personalities and socialise with other new parents.

The only rule of the class is to let your child lead – don’t force them to do anything they don’t want to. Just encourage them gently and see how they grow.

“We have really enjoyed the yoga for non-mobile babies classes! My little one is always very happy in the class and enjoys the movements and sensory time, as well as interacting with other babies and lots of cuddles. He always sleeps amazingly after the class which is a bonus! Kate is so lovely and it is great to have a class where both I and baby feel relaxed and refreshed. So sad we can’t make the mobile babies yoga classes 🙁 as we will miss our yoga time every week. Thank you for making our Mondays extra special.” Rachel, Baby Yoga Attendee

What happens at a class? 

Peace at Last classes are really informal. We don’t expect babies to chill for the entire session – sometimes babies cry and that’s ok. We also won’t barricade the door if you’re running 5 minutes late (poosplosions happen at the most inopportune moments).

We start the classes with some relaxation and mindful breathing techniques to help bring us into the present, put aside the chaos that’s happening in our lives, and focus on our babies. We then do some massage for babies, stretches and poses for parents and babies and intersperse everything with a few songs. We then round off the session with a little sensory play and time for a chat.

Do I have to have practised yoga before?

Absolutely not. But if you have done a little yoga or are a seasoned yogi you are of course welcome to come too. We perform very gentle poses that are safe for women post-pregnancy. They focus on realigning the spine, improving posture and core strength and strengthening the pelvic floor. Don’t worry, there will be no extreme back bends or headstands.

Interested in attending a class? Take a look at our classes to find one near you. We currently offer baby yoga classes in the Astley, Mosley Common, Tyldesley and Leigh areas.


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