Peace At Last Pregnancy Yoga Disclaimer:

Do not practice antenatal yoga if you have any of the following absolute contraindications:

●       Ruptured membranes/premature labour

●       Persistent second or third trimester vaginal bleeding

  • Placenta previa

●       Pregnancy-induced hypertension or pre-eclampsia

●       Incompetent cervix

●       Evidence of intrauterine growth restriction

●       High order pregnancy (e.g. twins or triplets or more)

●       Uncontrolled Type 1 diabetes, hypertension or thyroid disease

  • History of or present joint problems

  • Other serious cardiovascular respiratory or systemic disorder

  • A smoking habit of more than 20 cigarettes per day


Please ask your midwife or GP before practicing if you have any of the following conditions:

●       History of miscarriage or premature labour in previous pregnancies

●       Mild/moderate cardiovascular or respiratory disease (e.g. chronic hypertension, asthma)

  • History of cardiac disease

  • High blood pressure

●       Anemia or Iron deficiency (Hb < 100 g/L)

●       Malnutrition or eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia)

●       Please let us know if you have any other significant medical health condition.


Please stop practicing if at any point you feel:

●       Excessive shortness of breath

●       Chest pain

●       Painful uterine contractions

●       Vaginal bleeding

●       Any gush of fluid from vagina

●       Dizziness or faintness.


Avoid exercise in warm/humid environments

Avoid isometric exercise or straining while holding your breath

Maintain adequate nutrition and hydration - drink liquids before and after exercise

Avoid lying on your back past the 4th month of pregnancy

Know your limits - pregnancy is not a good time to train for athletic competition

Know the reasons to stop exercise and consult a qualified health care provider if they occur.


Health & Safety 

  • Participants agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the class, instructions and health and safety information given by the instructor 

  • Participation shall be undertaken at the participants own risk and the instructor shall not be liable to the participant for any claims of injury, damage or causes of action to person or property arising out of or connected with participation in the classes 

  • Participants understand that all of the steps and movements are designed so they are simple to follow and carry out; but that you are still able to work at your own pace and takes regular breaks where needed. So please stop if you feel dizzy, unwell or too hot


  • I confirm that I am responsible for the health & safety of myself and my baby during the class and whilst on the premises 

  • I confirm I will inform an instructor of any injuries or health issues that may affect me during class when I arrive

  • By completing this form I confirm have been given the all clear to take part in this activity by my GP/Midwife/Health Visitor